Plastic zippers


Length10 cm18 cm80 cm





About This Product

Nylon and plastic zipper - the first impression may be that it is the same product group . But the difference is substantial .

It has already been explained in the plastic zipper , that they are made of twisted nylon threads , which form a spiral.

For plastic zipper, production technology is substantially different .

Plastic zippers have a number of plastic teeth , which are separately discharged on polyester tape . They are connected so that , as the child slagalac , fully adhere to one another .

Plastic teeth , namely their size is critical in classifying the back zipper .

The table below gives an overview of the breadth and length of plastic teeth , which determine the choice in our offer .

Pay attention to the way in which they end - may be divisible and indivisible .

Automatic slider is an important item in this product . Automatic slider features an automatic brake and an integral part of the product .

While nylon zippers characterized by discretion , plastic zippers can feel free to point out - the basic characteristic of the impressiveness .

The application in the textile industry is so raznosvrna it's really difficult to enumerate .

D - split

ND - indivisible