Twill tape


WIDTH10 mm15 mm20 mm





About This Product


Twill tape is a flat woven ribbon usually made of cotton, linen, polyester or wool.  The weaving process is done according to the specific scheme – parallel vertical and horizontal threads are woven in order to get the highest possible quality and durability. The twill tape is very specific and is used for reinforcement.

This weaving method is used in production of denim (jeans production) and also for worldwide popular English textile such as tweed and gabardine, very durable and resistant material for coats.

The twill tape is produced in different dimensions. It is usually used for reinforcement of specific seams, edges, or in pieces of clothing. Sometimes the twill tape is used as a decorative element.

The theater curtains are tied with the twill tape, the electrical cables that can be kept in the folded state by using these tapes, and beside the cited there are a lot of different ways where the twill tape can be applied almost everyone for   believe it or not section.

The wide range of colors is the inspiration for the application of twill tape .

It is suitable for printing.

We have the twill tape available in the following widths:

- 10mm

- 15mm

- 20mm

It is usually packed in rolls of 200 m roll.
Width 10 mm 15 mm 20 mm