Retex – embroidery backings stabilizer

About This Product

Machine embroidery is extremely challenging operation. In order to get the embroidered pattern looks extremely beautiful, the operation has to be completed perfectly. An important element in this process is the perfect surface i.e. embroidery backing.
Retex is the name of a non-woven material, used as a backing stabilizer in the machine embroidery. Machine embroidery has the enormous number of operations in a very short time period. In order to stabilize the surface, regardless the type of material that is used, delicate silk or some rougher materials, like terry, Retex will be the perfect choice for backing stabilizer in every possible operation, it will provide safety and reliable performance.

You can find the a very rich offer for this item, thickness from 35 g / m² to 80 g / m².
roll  length of 90-300 m
roll width 90 cm