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About This Product


Velcro or Hook-and-loop fastener was discovered and patented long time ago, back in 1941.

What happened actually - a French engineer, had long walks with his dog on a daily basis. After the walks he had the same problem with his dog - thistle, fastened firmly in the fur of his dog, very hard to be removed. The engineer studied the way thistle was attached to the fur and the rest is history Velcro tape is invented.

The new tape was called Velcro. This product is applied in some unexpected places. For example, NASA discovered that this type of product, after many years of testing , is the most reliable for  space suits or some space equipment.

Possible application:

- In all textile products , where it is  necessary that two opposed surfaces have to fastened together.

Product Features

- 100 % nylon and polyester

- consist of two components:  soft and hard

Reliable are easy to use, safe, and maintenance free.