Textile materials are the basis of any textile product . History of mankind in some way be traced through the history of textiles . First, Eve used fig leaf to cover himself and Adam when leaving the Garden of Eden . Then the story went in the direction of technological development and very early in human history , quality materials have occupied an important place in people's lives .

Classification of materials can be carried into execution on the basis of different criteria :

- On the basis of origin or that are used in their production , share them on materials of animal origin (silk , wool) , vegetable origin (cotton , jute ) , synthetic ( nylon , polyester , microfiber )

- On the basis of the manner in which the yarns of the twisted , the materials may be , for example , woven, knit , and so on .

The materials we offer as a common denominator with the quality . The largest part of the offer are materials made of cotton .

Apart from quality workmanship, in the selection of materials , it is very important the current design , which follows the fashion trends , and the current color palette .

Printed materials from our fit these criteria . In particular, we draw attention to materials made of colored yarn .

Single Color materials are the basis of each of the textile manufacturing , whether it is used for making the entire article , to be combined with a material designed . The color palette of monochrome material is extremely broad.

In addition to the alternate supply of primary and monochrome materials, offer designed materials are constantly being amended and supplemented in accordance with the neeids of marketed and current fashion trends.

From our offer we mark the following materials:

  1. knit fabrics

1.1.-quality single-2, and so there. printed version

1.2.stretch, single, two thick and patterned variation





1.7 interlock, single color and print


1.9. render-flat and ribbed

  2 Textile Materials




2.4fabric for bedding, two qualities

2.5.polyester canvas

Color card