Metal zippers


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About This Product

Metal zippers are the classic products of the textile industry . Since the 20s of the 20th century , when they began to be used in the U.S. military industry for making coats for the Navy , metal zippers experienced expansion . Over time, the production technology perfected , so that today we have almost perfectly reliable product, particularly suitable for those textile products, which have to provide durability , longevity and efficiency .

Almost all denim products have metal zippers . This is not the end use of this product . Application possibilities are numerous .

Metal and plastic zippers , consisting of individually molded tooth made of metal and polyester tapes . Of metal, usually used brass , aluminum and alpaca .

We offer the most reliable , we have a metal zipper made of brass.

And this product has an automatic or semi-automatic brake.

The width and length of the teeth , as well as various ways of closing , an overview is given in the table.

D - split

ND - indivisible

DU - Double