Rubber bands, Elastic webbing


5 mm10 mm12 mm16 mm20 mm30 mm40 mm50 mm
Typ 1bbbbb/cb/cb/cc
Typ 2bbbbbbbb





About This Product

Can you imagine modern textile industry without rubber bands?

The rubber bands that we present to you are necesseary in every and each textile production.

The quality is exceptional; they are extremely resistant in all thermal conditions, without any deformation.

Absolutely perfect in the following items

-  Menswear

- Work Clothing

- Uniforms

- Sportswear

- Sports accessories
- Home Textiles

- and other textile products

There are two main types products with different are the thickness and the elasticity.


All above mentioned textile items have in some part the firs type of the rubber band, i.e. the thicker one.

The thinner, more delicate rubber band is used for providing the sense of comfort, in the following items

- Children's Clothing

- Women's Clothing

- Home Textiles

Composition: 100 % Polyester

Colors: white and black

Note: The rubber band is the type of knitted elastic band , made in of polyester and Malaysian rubber premium quality . This combination ensures excellent flexibility, safety and comfort. during use.